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I wanna see one thing against BYU

Last week's "what I wanna see" took on a tone of things I felt would indicate Texas football is turning around on the field. But things have changed. Now, I just want to see one thing at DKR on Saturday as Texas looks to avenge last year's embarrassment against BYU.

It's time to get behind your Horns.
It's time to get behind your Horns.
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Walking out of DKR last week, I was walking through how successful Texas was in achieving the three things I wanted to see. Protect the quarterback? Wouldn't call that a success. Dominate special teams? It had some bright spots, but was up and down. The game was never in doubt? I felt that was accurate. With that in mind, I started thinking about what tone my "what I want to see" would take this week.

Then, it was confirmed Dominic Espinosa's ankle was broken, and he'd be out for the year. Then, Charlie Strong told us David Ash would be out after experiencing concussion systems, raising serious doubt that he'll take another snap at Texas. Then, as if you thought it couldn't get worse, the team announced additional suspensions to starting offensive tackles Kennedy Estelle and Desmond Harrisons, raising concerns that they're also done at Texas.

The worst case scenario keeps getting worse.

So the Texas offense turns to a true sophomore quarterback and patchwork offensive line of guards and converted defensive tackles to take on a BYU squad that demolished a veteran Texas offense last year. Further pressure now rests on the defense to excise their own demons and shut down a BYU offense looking to run up and down the field....again.

This defense is different, that much is clear. And it is abundantly clear that the 2014 Horns will go as far as the defense can carry them. The offense will experience some growing pains, and they'll be significant. With this much change, any schematic takeaways from this game will be tough to extrapolate.

So, I just want to see one thing: I want to see a packed DKR get behind this team and lose its mind.

Given the injuries and dismissals, this team has its work cut out for it. Next man up doesn't just apply to the players, it applies to the fans. Get out there, yell, scream, cheer, and lose your damn mind to help this team in any way you can. Support your team. Get behind a senior class that has bought in to Charlie Strong's message and is doing everything they can to bring your team back to the top. Get behind a young QB who'll battle through a tough spot. Get behind a patchwork offensive line that will have to step up because their leader got rolled up on and the flanks can't be bothered to follow the rules.

If you're going to be there, great. Bring your voice, hands, feet, or whatever else you have that will get in BYU's ears. If you can't do that, pass your tickets to someone that can and let them help. If you're on the fence about going, I'll let Vance Bedford do the talking...