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BYU Whips Texas in Austin, 41-7

Taysom Hill and the Cougars picked up right where they left off a year ago, continuing to thoroughly whip the Longhorns on both sides of the ball.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

New venue, new head coach, same result: beatdown at the hands of BYU.

Bronco Mendenhall's football team outplayed Texas in every phase of the game for the second straight year, and this time the final score more accurately reflected the Cougars' dominance.  Midway through the third quarter, there was no doubt that the superior team was pulling away for a comfortable victory.

Beatdowns inherently suck and there's no need to try to put lipstick on a turd. That was miserable, and hopefully that's the worst version of the Longhorns we'll see this year.  No one's going to offer excuses, least of all Charlie Strong, but this was a depleted Longhorns squad, with an offense that was a long shot to find success tonight.  BYU kept things simple, focused on bottling up our running game, lived with whatever Swoopes could manage through the air, and made us try sustain drives.  And when 3rd downs came up, BYU largely closed em out to force us off the field.  On top of that, we certainly didn't help Swoopes -- who acquitted himself pretty well, all things considered -- with three fumbles.

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