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Some Early Morning Land Thief Hate

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

First up, a drinking game for today. Download, print out and have it ready to go (with alcohol) at 11am. I'm expecting everyone joining me on the game thread to participate.

Here's a game preview. Only read the section entitled Why Longhorns Will Win. [Horn Sports]

How will the Sooners deal with Jerrod Heard? [247 Texas]

There's no easy solution to fix our defensive woes. [247 Texas]

Lifetime Longhorn Chris Hall shares his memories of the rivalry game. [Inside Texas]

Everyone say hi to Du'Vonta Lumpkin. [News OK]

Vince Young is Bevo's backup. [Dallas Morning News]

Social media will be the death of us all. [ESPN]

"I can't really explain it. Maybe it's just like when you're a kid, opening up those gifts on Christmas, maybe that's probably the closest comparison. It's just a good feeling knowing you're going to play in front of 100,000, the whole world's watching you all play in one of the biggest rivalry games in college football history." OU DB Zach Sanchez