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Charlie Strong on "hurting" Kris Boyd's halftime tweets: "That's not what you do"

Charlie Strong shot straight about his feelings on his talented freshman's frustration.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Texas freshman Kris Boyd's halftime tweeting from last Saturday's game against TCU continued to be a hot topic during Saturday's College GameDay, despite Boyd's multiple apologies for it this week. Texas coach Charlie Strong addressed the incident with ESPN's Tom Rinaldi in part of a wide-ranging interview.

"He was just as disappointed and frustrated as I was.

"My quote with social media is: It's the downfall of society. That's not the way you handle an issue. And that's not what you do. You don't ever use a phone at any time."

Strong's "social media will be the downfall of society" stance isn't new; he's been saying it since at least 2012. And it's perhaps a reminder that Strong is 55 years old.

However, when he was pressed on the meaning of Boyd's tweet, and whether it was reflective of a greater clash of cultures within the Texas locker room, Strong refused to take the bait.

"It wasn't so much of him speaking for the group. It was just, at that time, he was looking out for himself. And that's what I said to him: 'Listen, those are things you can't do.'

"They're hurting right now, because they know that they can be much better than what you actually. When you have a team that's hurting, then you know it's beginning to mean something to 'em."