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Texas players, coaches, and fans revel in upset of Oklahoma

How does it feel? Pretty darned great.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Texas topping Oklahoma on Saturday wasn't just the first truly huge win of Charlie Strong's tenure with the Longhorns — it was all but an exorcism.

And Texas players, coaches, and fans alike are making sure to savor it.

First, Charlie Strong took his sweet time putting on the golden hat awarded to the winners of the Red River Rivalry:

And Charlie made sure the cameras got a few great pics of him in it.

Then that hat got passed around a bit:

Then folks just started speaking their minds.

The governor of Texas was pleased.

Even Kevin Durant got in a poke, before deleting it.

But maybe the most important tweet came from sophomore linebacker Timothy Cole.

And one of the happiest Longhorns? That would be play caller Jay Norvell, who called a strong game and beat the program that fired him just a few months ago. Redemption is sweet, but perhaps not as sweet as revenge.

This Saturday's a great day to be a Longhorn, no doubt. But it'll get even better if this is truly only the beginning.