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Daily Round Up: Screw You, Finebaum

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Oh look! The Daily Disappointment decided to write some nice headlines and text about the program!

We have plenty to tweet about now! [AAS]

Impressive alliteration there, Cedric. The defense dished up some Sooner surprise. [AAS]

But wait! Charlie can't sleep easily just yet! [AAS]

The Red River is running orange. [ESPN]

Congratulations to Malik Jefferson. [Walter Camp]

Texas is not toast. [ESPN]

There is no discussion or argument about Charlie Strong. [SB Nation]

The Land Thieves may be grounded when this report card comes out. [NewsOK]

The Horns came in and took over Bob's playground. [Tulsa World]

A little crowd surfing is good for you. [ESPN]

Thank you, Hannah Storm, for calling out Finebaum on his own crap. [@Chrisgb00]

Feeling a little like this guy today? [Youtube]

Thirty-five years ago today this song was released. Appropriate.