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Texas mascot BEVO XIV diagnosed with cancer, will retire

The selection process for the next Longhorns mascot will begin immediately.

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Texas athletics

Texas Longhorns mascot BEVO XIV didn't travel with the team last week to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl match up with the Oklahoma Sooners after falling ill. On Tuesday, the school announced that the 2,100-pound steer was diagnosed with the Bovine Leukemia Virus and will retire immediately.

He will remain in the care of his owners, John T. and Betty Baker.

A search for Sunrise Studly's replacement will begin immediately and the school hopes to have a replacement on the sidelines for the 2016 football season, which will feature the 100th anniversary of BEVO's first appearance at a Texas football game on Thanksgiving.

BEVO XIV was two when he began his tenure in 2004 and witnessed back-to-back Rose Bowl wins, including the national championship victory over USC at the 2006 Rose Bowl, as well as 107 total victories.

"BEVO XIV is a special animal," said Ricky Brennes, Executive Director of the Silver Spurs and BEVO XIV's regular travelling partner.   "He truly embraced his role and loved engaging with people at games and special events, and at his ranch - where he will continue to live - he was clearly the leader of the herd."