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Former OU player Gerald McCoy was miserable in Texas gear after losing bet

The pain and shame of how much Oklahoma sucked in the Cotton Bowl is still lingering.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There's nothing like a rivalry game to inspire a friendly wager between friends or teammates and the Red River Showdown this year was no exception.

Down in Tampa, former Texas Longhorns defensive tackle Henry Melton won a bet against former Oklahoma Sooners defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, resuilting in the Sooner alum wearing head-to-toe Texas gear on Thursday, much to his evident chagrin:

But looking miserable during an interview wasn't the end of it for McCoy, who also had to do push ups while listening to the "Eyes of Texas."

How bad was it wearing burnt orange?

"I hate this color," McCoy said. "I'm going on the record. You can write that. I actually said that: I hate burnt orange."

Not only that, but McCoy also claimed that he almost threw up and that his skin was "burning" because of the attire forced on him by Oklahoma's 24-17 loss in the Cotton Bowl.