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Texas vs. Kansas State: Heavy rain forecast for gametime

Mother Nature could impact the outcome of Saturday's contest between the Longhorns and Wildcats.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As Hurricane Patricia nears the Mexican coast with current wind speeds of 130 miles an hour, the resulting weather impact will be felt as far north as Austin on Saturday morning, when the Texas Longhorns and Kansas State Wildcats are expected to play in rainy conditions.

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With a local flash flood warning in place beginning early Friday morning and running until early Sunday morning, the expectations are for multiple inches of rain in the area during those three days.

The good news is that the artificial surface at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium should hold up better than the old grass surface would have and the winds aren't expected to be strong enough to heavily influence the passing game.

However, throwing and catching wet footballs is never an easy task, which could reduce the game to which team can better run the football in the rainy conditions. And the turnout from Texas fans could be worse than normal due to the weather -- student attendance has been poor this season and there were already 14,000 tickets remaining for the game earlier in the week.

Since umbrellas aren't allowed into the stadium, fans who plan on attending the game should remember to bring ponchos or rain jackets.