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Texas play caller Jay Norvell not worried about the passing game

The Horns have only thrown for 154 yards combined in the last two games, but Norvell doesn't see that as a concern.

In the process of becoming a "run-first, nasty, get-at-your-face offense," the Texas Longhorns have almost completely abandoned the passing game, attempting only 28 passes over that stretch.

But that isn't a sign that the team isn't willing to throw the football or can't throw the football, according to play caller Jay Norvell.

"We throw the ball pretty good in practice, so the last two games were I think kind of unsusual games, in the way that we wanted to attack the teams," Norvell said Tuesday. "Last week was what it was with the weather. I mean, I think we will show improvement in the passing game. I'm not overly concerned about it and I understand when you look at the stats, it's somewhat one-sided and you guys have to ask tthose questions, but for us it's more about finding ways to win and doing what we need to do. So, we're less concerend about balancing out our yearly stats at this point."