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Texas DB Kris Boyd retweets Texas A&M transfer plea... at halftime

As if watching that first half and listening to Mack Brown analyze it wasn't enough.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

The Texas Longhorns got demolished 37-0 in the first half by the TCU Horned Frogs amidst special teams mistakes and numeorus other meltdowns on offense and defense, so what did freshman cornerback Kris Boyd spend his halftime doing?

Retweeting a plea from a Texas A&M fan him to transfer, along with freshman linebacker Malik Jefferson:

As most recruitniks might recall, Jefferson looked headed towards A&M with so many of his friends until the Aggies fired their defensive coordinator and head coach Kevin Sumlin was unable to find a replacement before Jefferson's mid-December decision.

And despite committing to Texas in early January, Boyd clearly had second thoughts about joining Jefferson instead of pledging to the Aggies until National Signing Day, as rumors swirled almost continuously. So, yeah.

Aside from the content of the tweet from Boyd, what is he doing on his phone on Twitter during halftime, anyway? Throwing in that context, is this a new low for the Horns?