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Texas CB Kris Boyd: I've never thought about transferring

The Longhorns freshman will face internal discipline after his halftime retweets on Saturday, but will play against Oklahoma.

Jon Durr/Getty Images

During Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong's Monday media availability, freshman cornerback Kris Boyd followed up on his school-issued apology from Sunday with his own statement from his now-infamous Twitter account:

kris boyd statement

For anyone who missed the Sunday apology from Boyd, here it is:

On Saturday, Boyd created a national firestorm when he retweeted a fan's plea to transfer to Texas A&M with linebacker Malik Jefferson during halftime of the blowout loss to TCU. At the time, the Longhorns trailed 37-0.

It wouldn't have been nearly as big of a deal if Boyd hadn't seriously considered becoming an Aggie during the recruiting process. Even after his commitment to Texas on an Austin television station, rumors swirled about Boyd having second thoughts up until he signed his National Letter of Intent.

But Boyd's seemingly heartfelt statement on Monday should put any immediate transfer concerns to rest. And though some felt that he should be suspended for his actions, he's apologized to fans and his teammates, so Strong said that he will play against Oklahoma this weekend. However, Body will go through an internal disciplinary process that the Texas head coach declined to identify on Monday.