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Texas player asks rapper Lil B to remove curse on the Longhorns

Problems solved!

Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Something is clearly wrong with the Texas Longhorns football program and head coach Charlie Strong is struggling to get things back on track, so junior defensive end Bryce Cottrell decided to do the only logical thing -- ask rapper Lil B to removed what could only be a Based God curse on the Longhorns:

And there's good news, downtrodden Longhorns fans -- though Lil B didn't say whether or not he had actually cursed the Longhorns, he did offer the following:

For anyone wondering what the heck this is all about, Lil B is a rapper from Berkeley who achieved some modest success as a member of The Pack with the 2009 hit, "Vans." Since then, he's built something of a cult following over recent years.

Lil B and his Based God curses truly rose to prominence in 2011, however, when former Texas star Kevin Durant dissed his music on Twitter, prompting Lil B to drop a Based God curse on Durant, saying that he would never win a title and releasing a diss track.

Sure enough, Durant lost in the NBA Finals and suffered through an injury-plagued season last year.

So everything's fine now, folks. The dumpster fire has been put out and the Longhorns are ready to walk into the Cotton Bowl and emerge with the statistically-improbable upset.