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Texas HC Charlie Strong: "I never, will ever say it was Coach Brown's fault"

In the blame game, the current Longhorns head coach will always take responsibility.

Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong was much more upbeat and optimistic during his Monday media availability than he was following the loss to the TCU Horned Frogs on Saturday, but that didn't mean a beat writer was going to avoid asking him to play the blame game.

As he has throughout his tenure at Texas, Strong declined.

"Well, I never, will ever say it was Coach Brown's fault, and it wasn't his fault," Strong said. "It is on me. You look at it, we have the players. It's about us coaching. It has nothing to do with the last staff. They're no longer here. It's about what we have, and now it's about us working and let's get them better. Never once was it ever on coach. It's on us and it's on our staff. It's on me as a head football coach. We've got to make sure that when we put a team out there, the team is ready to go play."

Watch the video above for more from Strong's press conference.