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Texas Honors Freddie Steinmark with scoreboard rededication ahead of new film 'My All American'

A legend is honored again.

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Texas football hero Freddie Steinmark is the subject of the film "My All American," which comes out on Friday, and the scoreboard at DKR Stadium is named for him.

Several former longhorns recently gathered to rededicate the board in Steinmark's honor, which is the subject of the above video.

Steinmark was a star cornerback on the 1969 national championship team and appeared in the "Game of the Century" against Arkansas with a hurt left leg. Tragically, cancer was discovered in that leg just days later and it was quickly amputated. In 1971 he succumbed to the disease, helping to inspire the National Cancer Act of 1971.

"I can remember my father telling Freddie, which he told me, he said, ‘if you're gonna light up the scoreboard, you play to win,'" Steinmark's brother Sammy Steinmark says in the video from "'And if you do light it up, you best play for keeps.' I think Freddie pretty much lived by that. Having the scoreboard rededicated to him is such an honor."

The film about his life opens in theaters Friday. A long-awaited project, it was financed by energy entrepreneur and UT grad Bud Brigham and other Texas alums. A short documentary on Steinmark was shown at halftime of the Texas-Kansas game, which you can see here: