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Former Texas QB Chris Simms thinks Charlie Strong would be "perfect" for Miami job

Not content with pointing out the relatively obvious, the former Texas quarterback is now projecting his own victim complex onto the Longhorns head coach.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Former Texas Longhorns quarterback Chris Simms sees a fellow victim in Charlie Strong and thinks the mistreated head coach might as well pull a Davy Crockett and leave for the Miami Hurricanes job.

In an interview on a Miami radio show, Simms pandered to his audience with his thoughts on those persistent Miami rumors that just won't quite go away despite Strong's recent public denial:

"I think it would be a great fit. I really do. Listen, I love Texas but the way they treated Charlie Strong, I wouldn't be mad if he just stuck up his middle finger to all the Texas people and said to hell with you, I'm going to the U and go dominate South Florida and become a national power.

"Charlie Strong recruited me when he was at Florida under Steve Spurrier. I love him. I think he's an extremely direct, honest man, hard nosed football coach. I think he would actually be perfect for the University of Miami. I wish Texas would be patient with him and give him a chance."

Sounds like Simms may have some of his own resentment built up against the Texas fan base. Wonder why that might be?

While it's relatively easy to dismiss Simms' comments because of his tumultuous history with the program, it's actually relatively unclear what the former interception-happy quarterback is actually referring to regarding Strong's alleged mistreatment.

Where is the proof that Strong won't get a chance? Simms is talking about Strong like he's already been fired at Texas or is on his way out after this season.

Sure, megabooster Red McCombs sounded like a possibly racist blowhard when he said that Strong would be better off as a coordinator or position coach. And there were those summer reports that former athletic director Steve Patterson didn't exactly go out of his way to support Strong and foster an atmosphere that would ensure his success, with the insensitive and unnecessary termination of longtime SID John Bianco standing out as a particularly egregious example.

But McCombs is keeping his mouth shut publicly for the moment, Patterson is living that buyout life, and Strong's confidant Bianco is back in his old role. Interim athletic director Mike Perrin is a Texas alum who understands the school's culture and seems sincere in his explicitly expressed support for the Longhorns head coach.

Simms is right that there are reasons why Strong would be a perfect fit in Miami and that Strong hasn't always received the unconditional support of boosters or the administration, but there's no real evidence right now that he's lacking that support now.

So maybe Simms is just projecting his own feelings of mistreatment onto Strong. Doesn't sound so far-fetched, does it?