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Bruce Feldman: Sources say Texas HC Charlie Strong has interest in Miami job

Denials from Strong and his camp aren't making this go away.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time, another report of Texas Longhorns head coach Charlie Strong's interest in the open Miami Hurricanes job came from a non-Miami source, as highly-respected Fox Sports reporter Bruce Feldmand weighed in on a local radio station:

"I keep hearing that too," Feldman said of Strong having interest in Miami. "I've heard that from multiple sources now, one of them who is pretty close to Charlie Strong, saying he would have interest and that came a day before Charlie Strong got asked about it at Texas and he said "I have the best job in college football right now." That may be true, he may have, as the Texas head coach — paid a lot of money, big resources... That doesn't mean it's the best job or the best situation for Charlie Strong and his family. Could UM pay as much as he's making now? I think that's a real stretch to think that... Can they pay him as much as he's making or in the ballpark of it?

"The other question now I think that comes up is Charlie Strong may be 4-8 this year after a pretty bad season last year. Is Miami convinced he's gonna be the guy?"

One thing to note with Feldman's comments is that at least one of these conversations happened several weeks ago now, so it may not be representative of any additional developments since then.

After the termination of former Miami head coach Al Golden, Austin media asked Strong if he would consider taking the open position at in Coral Gables and he laughed before adding that he has "the best job in the country."

Still, that didn't stop Miami superfan Luther Campbell from saying that he knows for a fact that Strong does have interest in the job and a Hurricanes site from reporting that the administration has expressed confidence ($) that the Texas head coach would listen to an offer from the school. The latest report came last week, when the Miami Herald jumped into the fray by suggesting that school officials are "under the impresision" that Strong would be interested in coaching the Hurricanes.

Despite the speculation, Strong doesn't actually have any real ties to Miami -- he's never worked for the Hurricanes and though he's spent four different stints in Gainesville with the Gators, he's never been employed by any other schools in the state of Florida, either.

Still, former Texas quarterback Chris Simms believes that Strong would be a "perfect fit" in Miami, a position that isn't particularly difficult to support.

In addition to Strong's comments immediately after Golden's termination, however, a SportsDayDFW report last week indicated that Strong is "very happy" with his current job and not interested in leaving, but it's increasingly hard to disregard these reports, especially now that Feldman is joining the fray.