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"Things Big 12 fans say" is comedy gold

Still getting over that Iowa State demoralizing loss? Me too, man. Me too.

Someone sent me this video, so I thought it was worth sharing. If you live in Texas, you are probably used to the area being a melting pot for all Big 12 fans -- especially in Dallas.

You've heard all the Big 12 propaganda before, but it's still funny. This guy is able to accurately depict and mock every Big 12 fan-base in under three minutes. Don't worry, it's safe for work.

I apparently need to hit a certain word count to post a video, so this sentence is my attempt in doing so. We are only a few weeks away from Texas basketball, so that's nice. I'm pretty pumped to see what Shaka Smart has prepared for the HardwoodHorns™.

Wow, still not there yet, huh? Need to share a few more thoughts, do I?

  • I think Charlie Strong could beat up every coach in the Big 12, except Bill Snyder.
  • Will DKR play host to over 80,000 fans at one time ever again?
  • Is Torchy's Tacos actually any good? Is Franklins BBQ?

OK, hit the limit. Enjoy.