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Texas interim AD Mike Perrin supports Charlie Strong "without question"

A vote of confidence is often a vote of no confidence, but in this case it matters.

Texas interim athletic director Mike Perrin (right)
Texas interim athletic director Mike Perrin (right)
Texas athletics

Without all the losses on the field for the Texas Longhorns, it wouldn't have come to this for Texas Longhorns interim athletic director Mike Perrin, but it has, and the football letterman went on 104.9 The Horn in Austin on Friday morning to support his rather embattled head coach Charlie Strong.

The statement is hardly dissimilar to Perrin's comments after taking over for Steve Patterson after university president Greg Fenves fired Patterson back in September, but it was necessary in part because of the continued rumors that Strong has interest in the open head coaching position with the Miami Hurricanes.

Strong denied all of that on Wednesday, expressing his frustration with it all, and Perrin weighed in, too:

Most of this is by-the-book damage control in an attempt to ensure that the right message is coming out of the program, but we're already on record as saying that Strong isn't going to quit on this program after only two years and Perrin is sincere in his expressions of support for his head coach.

After Strong received so little of that from Patterson, Perrin's stance represents a major and legitimate change that is good for the football program.

Now it's just up to Strong to make the most of it.