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Texas Falls to A&M in Bahamas, 84-73

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A slow start dooms the Horns in the opening round of the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament.

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A slow start shooting the ball and a slew of fouls put Texas in an early 16-6 hole from which they were not able to fully recover, falling to Texas A&M 84-73 in the old rivals' first hardwood meeting since 2012.

After falling into that early 10-point deficit, Texas more or less played even with A&M the rest of the way, and the Longhorns rallied to pull within 71-68 with 5 minutes left in the contest, but a big three pointer by Tonny Troche-Morelos extended the A&M lead to 6 and UT wasn't able to threaten the Aggies again.

As has been a frustrating trend to start this season, Texas killed themselves with poor shooting at the free throw line. The Horns managed just 22 of 37 from the charity stripe on the night (59%), while the Aggies hit 6 more on the same number of attempts.  The Aggies connected on 9 of their first 10 from the line to build the early lead, forcing Texas to play from behind for the rest of the game.

Though it makes me a little bit nauseous to say: Kennedy has assembled a nice little team there in College Station. Silver lining for anyone who's starting to worry: the two teams were evenly matched in just about every facet of the game other than the free throw shooting, and I don't see any reason to panic about this group at this point.

They do need to play better to have a successful season, but the foundation for a solid squad is there.  I would, however, like to see this group exact revenge on Washington in tomorrow's rematch. If we're being honest, I'm not sure any Longhorns fans will be watching the hoops team over the football team tomorrow evening, but I'll fill you in on what happened.

I'll update this post with individual player notes a little later tonight.  In the meantime, if you need a place to groan about tonight's loss, this is your thread.

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