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Texas play caller Jay Norvell disappointed in effort vs. Iowa State

Judging by how angry Norvell was on Tuesday, it hasn't been a pleasant week for the Longhorns' offensive players.

Texas Longhorns play caller Jay Norvell didn't waste any time venting his frustrations during his Tuesday evening media availability, embarking on a long rant about the offensive effort against the Iowa State Cyclones last weekend.

In a nearly 600-word diatribe that lasted more than four minutes, Norvell covered number of topics, including the maturity level and toughness of his players, the differences in players between when he played and now, and senior leadership, among other topics.

Here it is in all its glory.

"Very disappointed about how we played Saturday. this has been a disappointing point of events for our kids. We've played three games on the road and we haven't played well in any of them. We have to show more maturity, a lot more mental toughness. We have to start faster, we have to handle adversity better and we showed that to our players. When you play poorly like that you reflect back on everything that happened during the week from Sunday until you get a chance to play.

"Just very disappointed. A week ago before we played the game we told them that we would play a team that is fighting for their lives in a very competitive environment and we were going to get their best shot. I take responsibility. I did a poor job of pounding that home all week.

"We live in a different in age, our kids, their attention gets stolen in every different direction. When i was in college, I didn't have anything except Saturday afternoon. That was all I thought of all week. Our kids aren't always like that and so we've got to remember that as coaches and take advantage of that and keep p[unding that message home.

"I didn't think we blocked very aggressively, I didn't think we ran the ball with our ball carriers very aggressively. I showed our kids where we ran out of bounds twice before first downs and then another time we caught the ball on the perimeter and we just fell down. So very, very disappointed.

"We didn't throw the ball accurately, we didn't throw on time, we didn't make plays down field. We all had a hand in it, coaches No. 1, our players. And we gotta learn from this. We've got to be more mature. We've got to understand we work 365 days a year to play 12 football games. Twelve Saturdays we get an opportunity to compete and we've got to peak and be excited to play every Saturday. We didn't do that last week. I'm accountable, all our of coaches are.

"I talked to our seniors. We need more help in getting that message across in that locker room. As a senior, you are mature, you've been here, you've been through ups and down in this program, you've suffered injuries, you've been here in the summer, you've invested a lot when you're a senior. Those guys gotta help us with that message, too.

"So, I don't know what specific questions you had. We're not throwing the ball very good. We're not. We've got to throw the ball better. Do I think we can? Yes. Do we practice it? Yes. We've got capable players, we've got capable schemes. We've got to throw the ball better -- It's really not rocket science. The things we're doing, these kids have been doing their whole high school careers and in college.

"So we've got to improve. We want to play more players. We've got a lot of young players that are not redshirted any more. We want to give them an opportunity to play and we want to play more people here down the stretch. It's really important that these young players get an opportunity to play. But there's no excuse for the way we played. We're a much more capable team than we showed and we've gotta show that down the stretch. We get another opportunity, we have four more opportunities to play and we need to respond and have the proper response."