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Kansas GameThread

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Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

The Horns are playing at home against Kansas tonight. The game is on the Longhorn Network.

Need an online link to listen? Craig Way calls it for your pleasure.

Game Thread Guidelines:

1. Simple manners and consideration are expected here.

Be considerate of others on this game thread. If you post something and others call you out for any reason, STOP what you are doing. If someone asks you to stop, then STOP.

If you ask someone to stop something, also do it respectfully.

This isn't rocket science. If you wouldn't say something to someone in person, then don't say it online.

2. Posters are responsible for their language. Whatever you say, be respectful. Sarcasm can be funny, snark is usually annoying and inflammatory.

3. No personal attacks on any player will be tolerated. If they mess up (and they will), you can state that. Just don't make it personal. (I don't care that you think they should be benched.) And if you had all the athleticism in the world, you would have played football at Texas. You didn't (well, a few of you did..) so you might think about that before you decide someone should or should not be playing for UT. Just saying...

4. No politics, religion or sexism.

Be warned: I'm not like other writers on BON; I'm NOT tolerant of stupidity or inconsiderate commenters. (I'm the female version of a Barking Carnival moderator). I will give you a warning and if you continue, I have absolutely no problem banning anyone who cannot follow these simple guidelines.

Make this is a pleasant, fun game thread for everyone.

Beat the hell out of the Jayhawks.