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Reports: Texas hires Tulsa co-OC Sterlin Gilbert as OC, take two

This feels familiar.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

The bevy of Texas Longhorns power players in Oklahoma on Friday evening visiting with Tulsa Golden Hurricane co-offensive coordinator Sterlin Gilbert have finally found the school's next offensive coordinator, according to a report from the Austin American-Statesman.

However, there was not any confirmation of the Statesman report for over an hour until a report from Horns Digest that Gilbert will be in Austin on Saturday and Orangebloods believes that the meeting was still ongoing at the time of that report:

Making the Statesman report seem even more premature is the fact that the meeting between Gilbert and Texas president Greg Fenves, athletic director Mike Perrin, head coach Charlie Strong, and tight ends coach Jeff Traylor was clearly still ongoing at Gilbert's house in Tulsa minutes before that report:

Later, the interactions between the Texas contingent and Gilbert looked rather like the Tulsa co-offensive coordinator had accepted the job after all:

When Strong and company finally left, Gilbert and co-offensive coordinator Matt Mattox, who is expected to follow Gilbert to Austin as he did from Bowling Green to Tulsa, were not with the visitors from Texas. Asked about whether he had taken the job, Gilbert offered the standard "no comment" that doesn't really indicate anything in either direction.

Now, that doesn't necessarily mean anything in and of itself given that Higdon is reporting Gilbert will arrive on Saturday and, in any case, after the false alarm on Thursday about Gilbert and Texas, it will be hard to believe that he's agreed to accept the job until the university issues an official release and sets a date and time for the introductory press conference.