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Texas Football releases "Pride, Passion and Tradition" video

It's February 1, but most everybody is already excited about what the 2015 season has to offer.

UT is amping up its social media presence with a five minute video about what it means to play football at Texas.

The video features interviews with Ricky Williams, Vince Young, Colt McCoy, Brian Orakpo and other lifetime Longhorns. Each player describes what playing at the University of Texas meant to him during his time on the 40 Acres and in the years following.

It also has some great Vance Bedford narration, and intense Charlie Strong makes a brief appearance. Combined with some solid stock footage of the Austin skyline, and we've got ourselves a good propaganda film.

Texas Football has been Sisyphus in its battle with new age media for quite some time, so seeing something like this is encouraging for the fan-base. Hopefully it'll cross the face of some recruits, who will see how beneficial playing football at the University of Texas can be towards their long-term goals of making it to the National Football League.