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Texas Drops Doubleheader; Sunday Open Thread

Texas showed its inexperience in a rough Saturday doubleheader. The Horns hope to bounce back today at 1 PM.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Texas is yet to get the starting pitching it needs to excel through three games and dropped a doubleheader on Saturday as a result. Rice has scored 8 of its 16 runs in the first inning, an unsustainable trend over the long term. The Horns fell 10-9 and 5-2 on Saturday though they showed quite a bit of fight in the early game after falling in an early 6-1 hole.

If Friday night felt like a regional game, Saturday had more of a midweek feel for Texas as the Horns threw a ton of inexperienced players into the mix and see what worked. Some worked well, some did not.

Texas returns to action today at 1 PM with Chad Hollingsworth and a chance to earn a perfectly respectable series split. Pardon the brevity of the recap as I'm traveling and using an iPad to type this up. Anyhow, this will be your open thread.

Hook em!