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Post-game thread: Horns blow big opportunity vs. Sooners

"We let 'em off the hook!"

A 13-5 run by the Oklahoma Sooners to close the game allowed head coach Lon Kruger's team to pull out a hard-fought victory over the Texas Longhorns in Norman on Tuesday night.

The season seemingly hung in the balance for a Texas team on a three-game winning streak but set to embark on a defining stretch with 1:55 remaining and the game tied at 64 when Oklahoma called a timeout.

Good defense couldn't stop an acrobatic Jordan Woodard bucket near the rim and a missed three by a cold Jonathan Holmes with a hot Myles Turner calling for the ball and other offensive miscues allowed the Sooners to close out with a needed conference win.

At this point, how the team finishes the season is more important than a discussion of how much blame head coach Rick Barnes deserves for this loss after the poor decisions by his team down the stretch.

Right now, there's enough blame to go around as the team crumpled down the stretch after hanging so tough for so much of the game.