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March Madness Bracket: Print out your NCAA tournament bracket and fill it in like it is 1992

Get the Internet's best printable NCAA bracket. Then print it out. And write on it.

The NCAA tournament selection will be announced shortly. And while moments after the announcement their will be completed brackets available online, perhaps you are a little bit more old-school, and like to fill your own out. This is what we used to do in the old days when we would have to wait until the next morning's paper (or afternoon's paper, thanks Buffalo News) to get a published bracket with the teams filled in.

While now this may feel anachronistic, like Lars Onsager's solution to the Ising model in two dimensions (one of the most amazingly difficult individual mathematical achievements of 20th century physics while simultaneously rendered useless by modern computers), there are few things more satisfying than quickly scrambling to write in team names into a blank bracket by hand. How do you spell "Wofford?" It starts with a "W."

That is why SB Nation produces a fine printable blank NCAA tournament bracket for March Madness. Get your PDF version here.