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NCAA Tournament: Texas' Disappointing Season Ends With Loss To Butler

The Longhorns were done in by the same problems that plagued them all year.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

And so it ends. The 2014-15 Texas Longhorns basketball season ended in appropriate fashion: with a 56-48 first-round loss to #6 seeded Butler, a disappointingly early exit for a team that disappointed all season.

We'll have much more to say about the team, season, and future of Rick Barnes in the coming hours and days, but for now, it's enough to say that however much praise Rick Barnes deserves for assembling this year's cast of players, he's also responsible for its failure to realize its substantial potential.

Credit to Butler today, who won in totally Butler-like fashion, with a nice assist from both Texas, who as usual gifted gobs of turnovers, as well as the zebras, who gave Kellen Dunham the Jordan Treatment in the second half. But hey, that's a credit to Dunham and Bulter, too. We should have done a much better job of using our various advantages to earn trips to the line, but that's something this team didn't do very well all year, and didn't do well enough today.

A kudos and thank you to Jonathan Holmes, who went out swinging, doing his best to keep his and Texas' dreams alive. All the kids played hard, for that matter, and I'm not disappointed in their effort or attitude. They just weren't quite good enough this year. I feel for them right now.

More to come, but this, I regret to say... this is your post-season commiseration thread. And yes, if you want to talk about Barnes and his future, now's the time. The season's over, the dream is dead. It's time now to figure out what's next for this program.

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