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Daily Round Up: Woo-Hoo! Spring Football!

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Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

“It’s almost like that big dog on the porch,” Strong said. “When that big dog gets off the porch and gets bitten, he’s no longer the big dog anymore. We’re no longer the big dog. We’ve been bitten. [Dallas Morning News]

This spring is all about competition. [ESPN]

What are the story lines to watch for? [Horns Digest]

Who wants the QB job more? [Horns Digest]

More depth should help the offensive line. [247 Texas]

What does the defensive line need to focus on this spring? [247 Texas]

How will Strong counter the Big 12 culture? [247 Texas]


The women's basketball team is going to the Sweet 16! [Texas Sports]

Myles Turner is not quite ready for the NBA. [Hookem Headlines]

The Daily Texan has lost faith in Rick Barnes. [Daily Texan]

Some Other Stuff

Flexibility is important, even for a lineman. [Ames Tribune]

President Obama is not in favor of paying college athletes. [ESPN]