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Gregg Marshall blows off Alabama, interested in Texas job instead?

There are indications that the Longhorns could land the perceived top target to become the next head basketball coach.

Wichita State Shocker head coach Gregg Marshall
Wichita State Shocker head coach Gregg Marshall
Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Virtually any list of candidates to become the next Texas Longhorns head basketball coach has Gregg Marshall at the top and, according to at least one report, the interest is mutual.

Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports says that Marshall already rebuffed interest from the Alabama Crimson Tide, a program reportedly in heavy pursuit of the successful Shockers coach:

(Texas's) list could and likely will start with Wichita State's Gregg Marshall. He's been choosy and driven some hard bargains that ultimately have led to him staying at Wichita for eight seasons, and it's worked out splendidly for him - his record over the last three years is 95-15, with one Final Four and one undefeated regular season.

But this is the kind of job the Wichita State coach doesn't turn down. There is no reason why the right coach shouldn't turn Texas into a perennial top 10 program - and get rich(er) in the process.

Sources told Yahoo Sports that Marshall already had signaled Alabama not to waste its energy putting together a whopper offer for his services, because he had his eyes on Texas. So this conceivably could be a short courtship - if anything can get done simply in Austin.

Marshall would take over a veteran roster in Austin at a program that will soon build a new basketball venue and practice facility and remains the overall flagship university in a state that produces a great deal of hardwood talent.

In comparison, the Crimson Tide represent a much less appealing option if Marshall is as willing to listen to overtures as his public comments suggest, so it makes sense that he would consider the opening in Austin after achieving about as much as possible at Wichita State.

If athletic director Steve Patterson can convince Marshall to leave the Shockers program, it would seem to represent as much of a home-run hire as possible in replacing the most successful head coach in Texas basketball history.