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Horns Humbled by Huskers; TAMU-CC Open Thread

Texas was swept in Lincoln, scoring three runs all series.

Hats off to Nebraska's manager Darrin Erstad.
Hats off to Nebraska's manager Darrin Erstad.
Jeff Lewis-USA TODAY Sports

Abram: Depressing baseball weekend.

Jeff: Yup, I'm gonna chalk it up to bad weather because the alternative is too depressing.

Abram: Won't have to wait long to see which it is.

-Text message conversation from Sunday.

I really tried to review last weekend's baseball destruction at the hands of Nebraska. I came up with a title, but spent a full two days avoiding writing anything substantive about a horrific weekend. Nebraska beat the crap out of Texas and there's no two ways around it. Kudos to them.

Texas has now laid an egg twice this season. Hopefully it was the cold weather, because if it wasn't then the Horns are in for a really unpleasant surprise when they head to Stillwater next weekend.

The only good news is that it wasn't a conference series and if the Horns were going to suck for any weekend I'm glad it was this one rather than the one coming up.

Texas A&M Corpus-Christi awaits tonight at 6 p.m. CT on the Longhorn Network. They haven't been good. Kyle Johnston makes his first career start.

Hook 'em.