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Are OG Chris Owens and Texas QB commit Shane Buechele a package deal?

The relationship between the two players should help the Horns.

Chris Owens
Chris Owens
Student Sports

When Arlington Lamar offensive guard Chris Owens picked up his offer from the Texas Longhorns on Friday, the first question was how much he wants to play with high school teammate Shane Buechele, the recent Texas quarterback pledge.

Owens told Scout that the discussion about playing together at the next level isn't a new one:

"Playing with Shane would be something that our mothers have been talking about for years, and would be unreal," Owens said. "It would be a complete blessing to play with my best friend since the 2nd grade. Shane and his family were amongst some of the first people to welcome me to Texas after Hurricane Katrina and have always been great to us. Shane is my brother no question about it. The fact that I have an opportunity to spend another four years on the same team as he is something that I have been thinking about for a while."

Note the timetable here -- the consensus four-star prospects haven't just been friends since attending Lamar, they've been best friends for almost 10 years. A majority of their lives, in fact.

Not only that, but the ties go beyond the two players since their families are close.

What's the next step? Getting the 6'3, 290-pound Owens on campus to spend time with the coaching staff. It should happen soon, possibly as early as next week, and the further good news is that the mobile future offensive guard already says that he loves the Texas staff.

Once that happens, it wouldn't be a surprise if Owens ends his recruitment in favor of the Longhorns not long thereafter.