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Texas Baseball Heads to KU Needing a Sweep

Texas had a humiliating loss to Sam Houston State on Tuesday meaning the Horns really need to sweep Kansas to get back on track.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Something is drastically wrong with Texas baseball. The Horns are hitting .243 as a team. Texas has two homers in the last 12 games and 6 in the last 18 after starting the season with 14 in the first 19 games. CJ Hinojosa is hitting .206 in his contract year and has been displaced at SS by freshman Joe Baker. Senior Collin Shaw was hitting .370 on March 1st but now he's hitting .230 with 40 strikeouts.

If things don't turn around now then the Horns will have missed the postseason in 3 of the last 4 years.

Think about that. This isn't a rebuilding club. This is a team with tons of offensive talent and a new ball that makes offense possible. This is a club that Augie himself referred to as the best Texas club he has seen since 2005. The Horns are 12-17 since Augie made that comment.

When the 2012 and 2013 teams sucked it was forgivable, they were supposed to suck. They pitched well and played to their talent level on offense. The 2015 team is pitching to its talent level but the offense has been kidnapped and there's not a single clue as to whodunnit.

There's still an opportunity to turn things around although it'll be extremely tough. Texas travels to Lawrence to face a pesky Kansas team that just took 2 of 3 from Oklahoma State. After that the Horns will travel to play TCU with a midweek game against Texas State in between. Texas desperately needs a 6-1 stretch here although even a 5-2 stretch would be very welcome.

.500 ball won't pay the bills the rest of the season so the time for Texas to start hitting again is now. First pitch is 6 PM and all three games are on ESPN3.

Hook 'em.