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New Texas DT coach Brick Haley stressing perfection

Check out the successful former LSU position coach in action.

The Texas Longhorns defensive line completed the first spring practice under new position coach Brick Haley and a Longhorn Network video gives a look inside Haley's interactions with his players.

Haley has a reputation as a coach who demands a high level of technical proficiency from his players before they see the field.

"Whenever you have a new coach, it's different," junior defensive tackle Hassan Ridgeway said during spring practice.

"Every coach is different. He comes at it different, I've had a couple of coaches being here, and he just comes at a different angle and a different approach to things. He's a perfectionist, so he wants everything to be right. He wants you to be perfect with what you do, do the best you can."

In the video, the most significant moment comes as Haley provides some instruction for senior defensive end Shiro Davis, who loses contain and allows senior running back Johnathan Gray to bounce a run outside for a big gain. It's not the type of play that will allow the Louisiana product to keep his job after junior defensive end Bryce Cottrell played brilliantly in last week's Orange-White game.

But Haley also listens to his players -- when sophomore defensive tackle Poona Ford comes over after Haley thought he made a mistake, the former LSU defensive line coach accepts Ford's explanation of what he saw on the play and how he reacted to it.

"He has such a great reputation for developing defensive lineman and has developed so many great players over the years," head coach Charlie Strong said after hiring Haley. "I really enjoyed getting to know him during his visit with our staff. You could tell right away that he's a great fit for us because he's very driven, focused and takes a lot of pride in his work."