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Texas Baseball Takes on Prairie View A&M

Texas returns home from being swept by TCU to take on Prairie View A&M at 6 PM.

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Texas baseball is now 22-22 after having been swept by TCU and with only 8 games to go. There are two ways Texas can still make the tournament: Winning out in the regular season and taking 2-3 Big 12 Tournament games would put Texas around 32-24 with a good SoS to boot. Do that or the Horns will have to win the Big 12 Tournament outright.

Outside of those two scenarios it appears the possibility of Augie Garrido losing his job is becoming more and more real. Consider these points about the current incredibly depressing state of Texas baseball:

If Texas doesn't make the NCAA Tournament it will have missed the tourney outright in 3 of the last 4 seasons.

Texas has not been chosen as a regional host in 4 straight seasons. The Horns were regional hosts in 9 of the previous 10 seasons.

Texas is 1-8 versus TCU in the three seasons that the Horned Frogs have spent in the Big 12.

The Horns are arguably the 5th best program in the state of Texas right now (TCU, Ags, Dallas Baptist, Texas Tech, Texas).

Augie called this team his best since 2005.

Enough with the depressing stream of consciousness. Prairie View A&M comes to town at 6 PM tonight with a loss potentially being the final nail in any slim postseason hopes Texas may still have.

Hook 'em.