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Lou Holtz speaks with Texas players, pulls off impressive magic trick

"Want to be happy for a lifetime? Win a championship."

The Texas Longhorns hosted a coaching clinic last Friday and longtime head coach Lou Holtz made an appearance to speak with coaches, players, and recruits.

Two of those recruits were Waco cornerback prospects Parrish Cobb and Eric Cuffee, the former of which picked up an offer on his visit:

Holtz has ties to the Texas program not only because his grandson Trey is a walk-on quarterback for the Longhorns, but because head coach Charlie Strong worked under Holtz on two different occasions -- as his defensive line coach at Notre Dame from 1995-95 and as his defensive coordinator at South Carolina from 1999-2002.

As a result, the two have a close relationships that persists to this day.

"It's important to understand why I'm here, because of the tremendous respect I have for Charlie Strong," Holtz said. "Great coach, but more importantly a great person. I feel like he's my son, that's how much I love and respect him."

Perhaps the most impressive part of the speech? At the 3:30 mark, Holtz pulls off the torn and restored newspaper trick, drawing laughter and exclamations from the Texas players. Asked how he did it, Holtz had a fantastic response.

"He said, 'How I do that?' Perfectly, I thought," he said. "I wake up screaming in the middle of the night because I can't figure it out either."

Holtz closed his address with his own advice from a lifetime of coaching.

"Want to be happy for an hour? Eat a steak. Want to be happy for a day? Play golf. Want to be happy for a week? Go on a cruise. Want to be happy for a month? Buy a new car. Want to be happy for a year? Win the lottery."

"Want to be happy for a lifetime? Win a championship."