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Texas Baseball Takes on Baylor

Texas returns to action for its final series of the season against the Baylor Bears.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Texas is probably going to make the Big 12 tournament and its only path to the NCAA tournament will be a championship there. At 24-24 the Horns are in danger of their first losing season since 1998, Garrido's second year at Texas.

Although it seems like there might be quite a bit at stake this weekend, in reality it feels like the story of Augie Garrido at Texas and the 2015 Texas baseball team has already been written. Either Steve Patterson wants to make his third major head coaching change or he doesn't.

This Texas team has been a shock if only because they shouldn't be this bad. There's Major League talent on offense and the pitching staff has talent but has regressed substantially over the course of the year. If Augie stays another one or two seasons it will be because of nostalgia at this point.

Anyhow, the Horns and Bears play one today and a double header tomorrow. Game one is at 3 PM today on Fox Sports Southwest.

This'll be your open thread if you're so inclined. Hook 'em.