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Texas DS and former Green Beret Nate Boyer signs with the Seattle Seahawks

The NFL dream continues for one of the most remarkable college football players in recent history.

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The oldest rookie in any camp around the NFL will undoubtedly be 34-year-old Texas Longhorns deep snapper Nate Boyer, the former Green Beret who will continue his remarkable journey with the Seattle Seahawks after signing as an undrafted free agent, according to the Mike Loyko.

A 5'11, 220-pounder Boyer worked as a relief worker in Darfur and served in Iraq and Afghanistan before walking on at Texas in 2010. Despite no previous experience as a long snapper, he taught himself the position and eventually became a three-year starter for the Longhorns, playing in 39 career games and making a special teams tackle against UCLA in 2014. He also never missed a snap.

The biggest challenge for him recently has been gaining weight, he told USA TODAY Sports:

"I'm trying," laughed Boyer. "It's hard. I played at 190 at Texas. I've already put on 25-30 pounds in the last three months. It's tough. ... Doing a lot of heavy lifting. It's just eating constantly. Putting weight on this quick, it's not easy, and it's really hard to do it the right way. It's been a struggle and a challenge.

It's also going to be a major challenge making the Seattle roster -- long snapper Clint Gresham signed a three-year contract with the Seahawks back in March.

But even if Boyer doesn't ultimately make the roster, it won't make his journey any less incredible.

Hook 'em, Nate.