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Where will Texas star Jonathan Holmes go in the NBA Draft?

DraftExpress breaksdown his strengths & weaknesses.

With the lottery now behind us, it's time to start prepping for MOCK DRAFT SEASON.

While DraftExpress only has Texas senior Jonathan Holmes being taken with the 5th pick in the second round, they still spent the time today breaking down the Texas star's strengths and weaknesses.

First, what are some of the things he does well?

The 6'9" forward measured out better than expected in Chicago, which should allow him to see plenty of minutes at the PF spot, with additional minutes coming at the 3 in bigger lineups. While none of Holmes' individual athletic tools leap off the page, he is a well-rounded athlete with a nice combination of quickness and strength that should help him compete against NBA players. He moves well in the open court and is tough enough to throw his weight around on the interior.

And what does he still need to work on?

Holmes never became the knock-down shooter NBA scouts would have liked to see, and he ended his career shooting 33.1% on long distance shots and 33.3% on all catch and shoot jump shots this season according to Synergy Sports Technology. With that said, he demonstrates good fundamentals on his shot, with a quick and compact release that allows him to get his jumper off mostly the same way every time and should allow him to improve his consistency as his career moves on.

Check out the video above for a more in-depth breakdown. Where do you think Holmes will end up come June?