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Augie Garrido to coach Texas again in 2016?

Several recent developments point to Garrido's return.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

There's a growing sense that regardless of the results in the Big 12 Tournament, longtime Texas Longhorns baseball coach Augie Garrido will return for the 2016 season.

The winningest coach in NCAA history is in danger of missing the postseason for a third time in four years, but athletics director Steve Patterson said on Sunday that he believes injuries have hurt the team in 2014 -- meaning that he's not placing the blame for the disappointing 2015 season on Garrido, but rather blaming factors out of the coach's control.

Additionally, a high-level donor offered the following to Horn Sports:

Garrido has Patterson's blessing to coach at Texas -- for at least another year.  We were told that there is no doubt that the ball rests in Augie's court as to whether or not he returns next season. Point blank, this source told us vehemently, per Patterson, that Garrido holds the cards with respect to his immediate future in the dugout at Texas.

Part of the reason is that the potential return of pitcher Morgan Cooper from Tommy John surgery will help bolster a team that will return plenty of talent because of several consecutive strong recruiting classes put together by the staff that provides a depth of talent the program hadn't had for some time.

But is Patterson looking around for a potential replacement in case he pulls an about-face and forces Garrido to retire?

According to one connected college baseball insider, that's not the case:

So expect to see Garrido in the Texas dugout again in 2016 because he believes that if losing didn't rip him apart, it would be time for him to step down.