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Texas Heads to Dallas Baptist Regional as 3 Seed

Texas is headed to a regional in Dallas along with Dallas Baptist, Oregon State and Virginia Commonwealth

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

The Texas Longhorns are in the postseason thanks to their recent Big 12 Tournament victory. The Horns will head to Dallas Baptist to take on 2-seed Oregon State on Friday at 1:30 PM on ESPN3.

It's a tough draw for Texas but also a draw with several favorable elements. Oregon State is one of the top 2-seeds in the tournament and could have reasonably hosted their own regional. The Beavers finished second in the Pac 12 with a balanced offense and pitching staff.

A win over Oregon State would likely match the Horns up with host Dallas Baptist. The Patriots are 43-13 and are an offensive juggernaut with good but not unbeatable pitching. Dallas Baptist has 50 home runs on the year and are 22-4 at home.

Virginia Commonwealth rounds out the bracket. The Rams are a long shot in this bracket (4 seed, duh) and are 37-22 against the nation's 230th ranked schedule. They're probably still smarting from losing their head basketball coach to Texas (smarting, get it?) which may impact VCU's baseball performance. Who knows.

Texas could struggle in this regional but it'll have several advantages playing in Dallas. The Horns are playing three hours from home and should have a supportive crowd while Oregon fans will have to caulk many a wagon to make it to Dallas (don't risk fording the river, it's not worth it!). The Beavers are a mediocre 9-7 on the road in 2015 and don't have a road win over an NCAA tournament team (disclaimer: neither does Texas).

Finally, Texas is playing with a new starting rotation and a confidence it hasn't had since before traveling to Nebraska many weeks ago. In many ways this team is completely different from the one that played the first 40+ games of the year. Can they keep it up? We'll find out on Friday.