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The field conditions at the Dallas Baptist Regional are terrible

Footing in the outfield could be an issue on Friday.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Another large band of storms that moved through Texas early on Friday morning are causing major problems for the ground crew at Dallas Baptist, delaying the opening game between the Texas Longhorns and Oregon State Beavers by an hour, pushing first pitch back to 2:35 p.m. CT.

Just how bad are things in the Dallas area after experiencing an unusual amount of rain all month? Check this out:

Yup, welcome to Texas in May of 2015, where fish now inhabit the outfields of baseball stadiums.

The solution? Bring out a helicopter and all the blowdryers in the area:

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the helicopter and players with blow dryers, the conditions in the outfield still appear dangerous:

There's a low chance of storms the rest of the day, so the that's good news. Now the hope is that the scattered thunderstorms on Saturday's forecast don't materialize in order to help the field conditions improve through the weekend.

Until then, the outfielders will have to navigate difficult football when playing the baseball, which could have a signifiant impact on which teams advance into the winner's bracket for Saturday's games.