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Will 2015 DT signee Du'Vonta Lampkin enroll at Texas for first summer session?

A foreign language requirement could keep the consensus three-star prospect from getting to Austin in the next few days.

Du'Vonta Lampkin
Du'Vonta Lampkin
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One of the academic concerns in the 2015 class is Cypress Falls defensive tackle Du'Vonta Lampkin, a key signee because he's the only player at his position and had a massively productive senior season.

A report from Football Brainiacs on Friday indicated that Lampkin may not enroll for the first summer session and may not end up enrolling at Texas at all:

Apparently, UT has a foreign language requirement that most schools, including OU, do not. I was told by a source that while there was an attempt by Lampkin to try and meet said requirement, it looks unlikely what needed to happen in order for him to qualify academically for Texas (important distinction) isn't going to happen. The best case scenario for UT was that Lampkin would work towards completing that language requirement over the summer and then eventually enroll at Texas in August. I have been told, however, that is no longer the plan.

What does the prospect say?

There's clearly some vested interest on the Oklahoma side from the Football Brainiacs, as the site's sources consistently felt that Lampkin was a major flip threat, even late in the process. Instead, Lampkin signed with Texas as planned. So are those sources from optimists on the Sooner side or connected to Lampkin through his high school?

It's hard to say, but there are probably more credible sources on the subject.

The person most willing to provide an honest assessment might be his high school, who told ESPN's Max Olson that "there's no reason to believe he won't enroll at Texas."

However, it sounds like that Lampkin does still have work to do:

Since the 6'3, 291-pounder is still taking that correspondence course, it seems unlikely that he will move to Austin as planned on May 31. If he manages to take care of business with that course, though, he should be able to make it in for the second session or for the start of fall camp in August.

Texas probably doesn't need Lampkin this season as a contributor, but having two of three classes without a defensive tackle would put a tremendous amount of pressure on 2016 recruiting at the position, which isn't exactly going as planned with the top three in-state prospects committing to other programs in a stretch of 24 hours last week.

So Lampkin's ability to make into school this fall is hardly an insignificant storyline.