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"Havoc" won't be coming to Texas under Shaka Smart

Time to break out the thesaurus.

Godofredo Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

About a month after creating an uproar in Virginia Commonwealth Rams circles by applying to register federal trademarks for "Horns Havoc" and "House of Havoc", the Texas Longhorns withdrew those applications in late April, according to multiple reports.

VCU holds a Virginia trademark on "Havoc", the phrase used to describe new Texas head coach Shaka Smart's frantic, intense style of full-court pressure basketball that emphasizes creating fast-break opportunities from forced turnovers.

The decision by Texas comes after several weeks of negotiations between both schools.

Smart notably refrained from using the phrase "Havoc" during his introductory press conference at Texas in early April, even though the Longhorns filed the federal applications on the same day he was introduced.

So perhaps it's time for the Texas brass to break out its handy old thesaurus. The alliterative options are certainly gone, unfortunately. How about "Mayhem"? In truth, nothing works quite as well as "Havoc", leaving the Longhorns with some #branding to do in order to effectively promote the new basketball hire.

Maybe athletics director Steve Patterson should pay a marketing firm $500k to come up with something?