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Texas A&M chancellor takes shot at Texas over beer and wine sales

John Sharp provided quite the Thursday lesson on how to be a blowhard.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M Aggies chancellor John Sharp doesn't have anything better to do than take shots at the Texas Longhorns, so Wednesday's news that the Horns will offer beer and wine sales this fall at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium was a perfect opportunity for him to spout some further drivel:

Quite the statement considering that the Aggies suffered a 59-0 beatdown at the hands of the Crimson Tide last year that featured a 45-0 halftime deficit and the team flat-out quitting like the group of frontrunners they were, but why let that derail the delusional narrative of a chancellor seemingly obsessed with the state's flagship university down the road?

Of course, there was also the home loss to Ole Miss last year that featured a 35-7 fourth-quarter deficit and the Kyle Field faithful bailing early on the dismal performance:

So, getting beat by four touchdowns at home doesn't necessitate the numbing effects of alcohol? What about the pathetic 21-16 victory over Louisiana-Monroe at home that required a late goal-line stand to maintain a semi-comfortable final margin? The Warhawks went 4-8 last season, by the way. Certainly sounds like a booze-worthy turd fest.

So far in SEC play the team has lost nine of 13 contests against ranked opponents, despite all the chest-banging from all those maroon-clad fools.

Then there's this:

To take it a step further, the humor in the patent lunacy of claiming that Aggie football is somehow so superior to the admittely subpar results for the Longhorns in recent years is the fact that A&M hasn't won anything of note recently on the field -- the last conference championship for the Fighting Farmers came in 1998. In fact, the Aggies failed to even win an outright divisional crown in the Big 12 since that time, sharing a South division title with Oklahoma in 2010.

Forget about national titles -- A&M can only claim one undisputed championship, won all the way back in 1939.

Teddy Roosevelt liked to talk about walking softly and carrying a big stick. Clearly the Aggies believe in the exact opposite.