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Report: Four 2015 Texas Longhorns signees not yet on campus

There will likely be attrition from Charlie Strong's first recruiting class by the time fall camp begins.

Gilbert Johnson (left)
Gilbert Johnson (left)
via @Johnson__3

When the Texas Longhorns signed the No. 10 overall class in the 247Sports Composite team rankings back in February, the big question was whether all 28 signees would make it to campus.

So far, the answer to that question is to the negative, as there are currently four prospects who are not yet enrolled at Texas, according to Orangebloods' Alex Dunlap -- wide receiver Gilbert Johnson, tight end Devonaire Clarington, offensive tackle Ronnie "Buck" Major, and defensive tackle Du'Vonta Lampkin.

The situation with Lampkin is probably the most familiar to Longhorns fans at the moment. Over the weekend, the only defensive tackle in the class said that he won't enroll at Texas and intends to enroll at another university. At issue is the language requirement at UT-Austin. Lampkin was planning on fulfilling that requirement by taking a Spanish correspondence course, but decided that he didn't want to risk failing and then ending up at a junior college.

Head coach Charlie Strong declined comment on the situation on Wednesday in Houston, but Lampkin's head coach said that he still expects the Cypress Falls product to end up at Texas, so the situation remains a little bit fluid.

Then there's Johnson, who failed to qualify out of high school and spent a year at Georgia Prep Sports Academy, where he suffered a knee injury that limited his production. It's possible that his grades were not good enough to enroll, but there aren't yet any reports out as to why he's not on campus.

As for Clarington and Major, they could both enroll in July. Major's coach at Huntsville said that the big offensive tackle improved his core GPA, but added that he's still working on improving his test scores enough to receive his admittance. The issue for Clarington is more likely to be his GPA, as his ACT score is good enough, judging by a tweet that he posted several weeks ago and then deleted.

In a best-case scenario, all four end up at Texas this fall, but since Lampkin doesn't even want to work at becoming eligible at Texas, it may come down to Major and Clarington arriving in July to avoid losing all four.

Of the four 2015 signees not currently on campus, the major losses would be Lampkin and Clarington. Both are the only prospects at their respective positions and Clarington may be the most important tight end recruit signed by Texas since Jermichael Finley.