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Texas will bring back metallic helmet decals for 2015 season

With the metallic helmet logo staying, the uniforms will look almost identical to those worn late last season.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

After the Texas Longhorns debuted helmets with metallic logo decals for the November road tilt against the Oklahoma State Cowboys, Texas head coach Charlie Strong indicated that the team would abandon the look moving forward.

But the Horns kept it throughout the season's final three games and pictures released by the Big 12 Conference in advance of Media Days in roughly two weeks indicate that the metallic logos are back in 2015:

More progressive fans hoping for additional uniform combinations in future years surely appreciate the subtle changes that match the reflectiveness of the uniform numbers, but others don't care for the fact that parts of the logo get washed out when hit by light at certain angles.

As for other changes to the uniforms? All even more subtle than the helmet decals -- the panels on the jersey fit together a little bit differently, the Longhorns logo at the V of the neck doesn't have the contrast stitching around it, and it looks like the triumvirate of logos on the breast above the Texas lettering (Big 12, Longhorns, Nike swoosh) may be a bit smaller and more closely set, though that is difficult to tell.

So, overall, the 2015 uniforms will look like those worn against the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Texas Bowl under anything but the closest inspection.