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2015 Texas signees seemingly react to LB Cecil Cherry's planned departure

Throwin' shade, 2015 style.

Malik Jefferson
Malik Jefferson
Student Sports

The subtweet game is strong with young people these days and current members of the Texas Longhorns appear to rank among that group after posting multiple cryptic but suggestive tweets that seemingly reference the planned departure of freshman linebacker Cecil Cherry less than a week into fall camp.

Freshman linebacker Malik Jefferson:

Jefferson also retweeted classmate Kris Boyd asking Cherry to "Get it together pimp."

Freshman offensive tackle Connor Williams:

Freshman defensive end Charles Omenihu:

And, for good measure, freshman safety DeShon Elliott:

The 2015 Texas recruiting class has gained a reputation as a close-knit group intent on returning the Longhorns to prominence, but they definitely appear to close ranks pretty fast when they feel betrayed or let down.