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Texas TE DeAndre McNeal already doing work as a blocker

It's no surprise that the true freshman's physicality he honed on defense in high school is translating to offense.

Texas athletics screenshot

Despite the breaking news of two planned transfers on Tuesdays, the remaining Texas Longhorns put on full pads for the first time.

One drill featured the H-backs and tight ends going against the linebackers on an inside running play and the school released a video of one rep:

It's worth noting that the ball carrier is sophomore wide receiver Roderick Bernard, but the bigger takeaway is the effort of true freshman tight end DeAndre McNeal (No. 6), who just convinced the coaches to let him move from wide receiver.

The former do-everything star for Mesquite Poteet is clearly using the skills he developed as a defender in high school to adjust quickly to blocking in college, as he's physical and strong enough to create enough initial displacement that he forces fellow freshman Breckyn Hager to brace himself with one hand on the ground.

And in eventually turning Hager and keeping his legs driving after initial contact, McNeal allows the 166-pound Bernard to knock over an off-balance Hager to finish the play.

It's only one rep, but it's some early visual evidence that McNeal has the willingness and ability to make a different as a blocker. Since there's no question about his receiving ability, work like this as a blocker is exactly what will ensure that he can become a difference maker for the Longhorns at tight end.