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Texas guard signee Eric Davis adjusting to heat, building confidence

Armed with confidence instilled by his head coach and an array of offensive weapons, watch out for the Michigan product this season.

For Midwesterners, adjusting to the Texas head in the middle of summer can be a difficult task.

It's just one of the challenges facing Texas Longhorns freshman guard Eric Davis, who hails from Saginaw, Michigan and has been going through the rigorous outdoors workouts administered by new head coach Shaka Smart's strength and conditioning coach, Daniel Roose.

Fortunately, Davis has the full support of Smart, who is working on instilling confidence in the entire team, one of his trademark endeavors and one of the significant skills possessed by the former VCU head man.

"We talked earlier in the year about our confidence," Davis said during a recent appearance on Longhorn Network.

"Like Tevin [Mack] probably said, we weren't really confident. But now we're really confident, so that's his biggest key -- remain confident, play your game, have fun. That's his biggest message to you is to have fun."

Host Lowell Galindo followed up by asking about the difference between true confidence and the kind that people sometimes fake.

"When you've got coaches like him believing in you, when you hear the head coach telling you that you're good, that you're doing great this summer, that builds confidence," Davis said. "Obviously, when you're out there getting some buckets, that kinda helps, too."

Be sure to watch the rest of the interview above and watch for the combo guard to get a few more buckets once Smart's inaugural season tips off against Washington in Shanghai on November 13.